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Kurhaus Design Boutique Hotel

The 4-star Kurhaus Design Boutique Hotel has 30 modern hotel design suites as single or double rooms in the heart of Westphalia in the central and idyllic spa resort of Bad Westernkotten.

Whether you’re away on business or on a relaxing holiday to recharge your batteries with your partner or family, the Kurhaus Design Boutique Hotel gives you the space you need to enjoy a relaxing stay.

The Kurhaus Hotel is located on the spa promenade with direct access to the town and near the extensive spa park with its two graduation towers.

The interior design is based on the neoclassical design style, which is still popular today for its timeless elegance. The furniture is typically made of dark wood with beautiful ornaments, the floors are marble and stone, and works of art and decorative mouldings adorn the walls and ceilings, making every room in the 4-star hotel truly spectacular and a special experience.

Historic hotel

History with charm

Franz Erdmann opens the Westernkotten brine baths, laying the foundation stone for the spa we know today.

The number of visitors reaches 1,000 for the first time with 4,700 brine baths being given (a bath cost 85 pfennigs).

The baths close their doors to the public, the Kurhaus being occupied by offices and reserve storage facilities during the war.

The Kurhaus is completely renovated and a children’s spa opened offering children’s rest cures and speech therapy courses.

The saltwater spa is founded with the opening of the baths. The maternity spa is opened at the same time.

The old bathhouse, adjacent to the Kurhaus, is converted into the "Haus des Gastes", and the Kurhaus and new hotel buildings are erected.

The Hellweg saltwater thermal baths are opened.

The Kurhaus is turned into a hotel with 45 rooms.

The Kurhaus is bought by the Deutsche Industriebau Group. Following extensive renovation work, the now successfully managed Kurhaus Hotel has a modern design, enticing visitors to relax and unwind.

The Design Boutique Hotel Kurhaus was recently awarded the German Design Award 2019 in the category “Excellent Communications Design / Interior Architecture”. The German Design Award recognises innovative products and projects, which are groundbreaking in the German and international design scene, as well as their manufacturers and designers. The German Design Award discovers and presents unique design trends.

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